Archivio Mensile: ottobre, 2015

Classic style, classic leg, classic fit !

Classic …for our new jeans, Cone Denim White Oak 13,50 oz Rusty MIll denim : Classic-IC8 Full collection here:

Another detail from our new shirt!

Vintage selvage style. Details makes the difference! Rusty Mill Denim : shirt Y-IC10 Full collection here:

Cool shirt in Selvege denim!

One of our shirts, selvage denim 10,50 oz Cone Denim White Oak Available here: Rusty Mill Denim : Y-IC10 Full collection here :

New style pocket, new selvage denim jeans !

Invisible revolution! Our front pocket is unique. Rusty Mill Denim OBLO-IB8  Full collection here:

Big fit for Big men!

This is our last Son! Rusty Mill Denim JAP-IA6 Incredible style never saw before! View the full collection here: