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Showroom in Roma

Great location for Rusty Mill & Co. Tailor Showroom di Stefano Giordano , Roma, Italia. For everyone interested in Rusty Mill & Co. you can look and touch our collection in this cool… Continua a leggere

Buy online your italian selvage denim!

Rusty Mill & Co. CHINOS IA5-12 13oz Italian selvage denim red selvage preshrunk chain stitch made by Union Special 43200G   Denim unwashed 13oz, with naps,preshrunk, red selvage,Made in Italy. Fabric color… Continua a leggere

work work work

…at work!

Ugo Iermano : Rusty MIll & Co.


Rusty Mill & Co. signature Made by our super vintage sewing machine. SUPER COOL!

We bought a wreck with missing parts … and after many months is ready to work!!!

Rusty Mill & Co. on GQ UK June 2013 issue!

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Free embroidery service on your Rusty Mill!!!

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Rusty Mill against racial discrimination

our babies!!!