Choose your best friend!

Rusty Mill Denim vs Oil

!WOW! Close encounter between a Rusty Mill Denim and a lots of oil! One of our customers asked us how it can clean up! Our answer: You cover all the oil stains with… Continua a leggere

Rusty Mill loves his vintage girlfriend, Theresa!

One of our jeans…soaking by a customer after 5 months!


Working to create…new items…soon!

We are all Made in Italy!!!

Different Blue, Different Selvage, Different History…Rusty Mill & Co. FREE SHIPPING ON DENIM PANTS!!!

Natural evolution !

Rusty Mill Denim Pant natural evolution…

in progress…

Rusty Mill & Co. Denim Pants almost ready to the shipping to Holland for our online customers!

Indigo Broken Twill…

Rusty Mill Denim, Art: Miner IA7-12 available only on : ENJOY YOUR SHOPPING!

CHINOS IA5-12 …welcome sunny days!

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