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introducing new staff member: very old(1920), very rusty,but “SHE” wants to work!!! http://www.rustymilldenim.com

Rusty Mill & Co. Embroidery made with an OLD amazing machine!

…in progresssss


Free Shipping: I Article: MINER IA7-12

Free shipping on denim pants: wwwrustymilldenim.com 5 pockets denim pant, luminous blue, broken twill, red selvage, 13 oz, chain stitch made by Union Special 43200G. 100% Italian fabric. 100%  Made in Italy

About Rusty Mill & Co. Press: GQ

Stuff We Like: Rusty Mill Denim Co. By Matthew Hranek Rusty Mill Denim Co. is an Italian based jean company that is making some very smart looking sanforized selvage denim jeans in Naples,… Continua a leggere

Rusty Mill & Co. Apron KA1-12

  APRON KA1-12 Denim unwashed 13oz preshrunk, red selvage, Made in Italy. Fabric color: ecru. – 13oz Italian fabric – 100% Cotton – Right hand twill – Leather label – Color accessories: Antique… Continua a leggere


Rusty Mill is inspired by everything that has rust, visible or imaginary. Every object, place, person who carry along a story, according to Rusty Mill has “rust”, the rust of time! With  Rusty… Continua a leggere

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Rusty Mill & Co. Miner IB3-12

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